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We are a Polynesian owned company committed to simplifying kava for the modern world. We combine generations of kava farming, brewing, and user experience to produce breakthrough innovative kava products.

The founder's story

What is kava?

Kava is a relaxing root beverage that has been consumed for social, medicinal, and religious purposes across the South Pacific for thousands of years.

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Blog posts

Supporting Your Immune System During COVID-19 With a Little Help from Kava

More than ever, it seems we can go very long without the news, a conversation, our even our thoughts quickly circling...

How Kava Can Help You Cope with Social Isolation during the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to have an unprecedented impact worldwide, quarantines and lockdowns have resulted in pe...

How 10,000 New Kava Bars will open up Overnight across the U.S.

How does the independent coffee shop survive? How can coffee shops maximize their revenue? Is it possible for them t...

How To Grow Kava - Reviewing “Pacific Kava: A Producers Guide"

Creating an Accessible Platform for Kava Farming Knowledge With the rising popularity of the kava beverage and the k...
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