Affiliate Program

Team Kavafied

If you love Kava like we do, sign up to be a part of the team and earn a commission for your efforts in sharing it with the World.

Kava is the social drink of the Pacific and is meant to be shared.  By joining out affiliate program, you are helping new users discover the wonderful uses of KavaKava.

How it works:

After you sign up below, you'll be provided with a custom link that you can share with others on your social media feeds, blogs and websites.  When a user accesses our store through your link and makes a purchase, you are credited with the commission on the sale.  We will then give you the option to receive payment through paypal and or store credit.  

How to sign up:

Fill out the form below to become a member of our affiliate team.  Its quick and easy, just like making Kava is with the AluBall. 

What we expect from you:

Kava is a sacred root that has been used culturally across the Pacific for centuries. With that in mind we expect you to promote its use in a safe and responsible way.