M'AGA Shirt

Make 'Awa Great Again!

A bold statement to show you are on board with our mission to make 'awa (Hawaiian word for kava) great again.

In 2001, according to Hawai’i agricultural statistic service, almost 1.5 million lbs of ‘awa (kava) was sold internationally (A $22M+ value to Hawaiis economy today).

Unfortunately the German BfArM banned kava in 2002 for reasons ruled unjustified by the World Health Organization in 2015. However the now debunked German ban caused enough global paranoia that Hawaii’s kava production dropped so low (by over 80%) after 2002 that even the Hawai’i agricultural statistic service stopped taking stats relating to ‘awas commercial production since the industry had fallen so far.

Today hopes are high as international restrictions on kava have been eased and American consumers are developing a taste and place for kava besides alcohol, coffee, and tea as a social beverage.

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