Kava Nursery Beginnings - March 24 - 2017

October 17, 2017 1 Comment

Kava Nursery Beginnings - March 24 - 2017

Sharing Kava with the world one shell at a time is our motto at Kavafied.  We have dedicated ourselves to creating innovative products like the AluBall Kava maker and are successfully making Kava more appealing and accessible to people across the globe.   
As the demand for Kava surges to new heights, the sustainable supply of Kava root becomes a serious concern.  To do our part in helping sustain the Kava industry, we are committed to farming more Kava on our family lands in Tonga. 
Follow our Kava farming journey in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga. 
Kava Plant
Kava Cuttings
Above:  Every Kava harvest presents an opportunity to plant more Kava.  Here we are making cuttings from a recent harvest to cultivate new Kava plants. 
Kava Soil
Kava Pots
Above:  A mixture of soil and sand will be used to pot the Kava cuttings.
Kava Farm
Above:  The humble beginnings of our Kava nursery in our family village on 'Eua, Tonga. 
Check back soon for updates from our Kava farm. 

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Godfrey sautehi
Godfrey sautehi

January 24, 2019

Teach me how to cultivate

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