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We are a Polynesian owned company committed to simplifying kava for the modern world. We combine generations of kava farming, brewing, and user experience to produce breakthrough innovative kava products.

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What is kava?

Kava is a relaxing root beverage that has been consumed for social, medicinal, and religious purposes across the South Pacific for thousands of years.

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The Kavafied Legend of the Kava Tonga Kava Shot

Legend has it that one day, a bottle was cast into the ocean from the shores of Eueiki. Inside, nestled among the sacred Kava roots, was a note that simply stated, “Spread peace and happiness beyond the horizon.” Carried by the currents, this bottle embarked on a journey across the vast Pacific, holding within it the essence and spirit of Tonga, until one day, it washed up on the shores of America.

Kava Culture: Exploring Traditional Ceremonies, Kava clubs, and Modern Kava Bars

The world of kava culture is a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse traditions, customs, and social dynamics. From the sacred rituals of Vanuatu to the convivial atmosphere of kava bars, each facet of kava culture offers a unique lens through which to appreciate the significance of this revered drink. 

Decolonizing Kava Farming in America: Honoring Tradition and Customer Preferences

In America, a different story unfolds. Here, a movement is underway to reclaim the essence of kava farming, rooted in the desires of the people and not the dictates of external forces. The American kava farming movement is a beacon of hope, a symbol of decolonization in the agricultural realm.

What does it mean to be Florida Sober?

In recent years, a new term has emerged within discussions about sobriety: "Florida Sober." This lifestyle choice involves abstaining from alcohol and pills while incorporating kava and kratom into one's routine.
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