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    Patented AluBall Brews the perfect shell of kava in under a minute.

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    Calm nerves, ease stress, ease anxiety, relax muscles.*

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How to use the AluBall Kava Maker

How to use the AluBall Kava Maker



  • "This product has drastically improved my kava life! It is so convenient and the quality of the resulting kava grog is better than anything I've produced by hand kneading and as a result my hands are no longer headed towards mummification. I got this to use with medium grind, but I've found that it does a wonderful job with micronized, too!"

    tj trenary
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  • "This is probably the best invention MADE FOR KAVA in modern times! PERIOD."

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  • "I always appreciate when a vendor goes out of the way to make sure their customers are happy, that's the kind of service you can expect from these guys. Great and innovative products, awesome kava & great prices. There isn't much else I can ask for from a vendor.
    Example, I placed an order on Saturday, had my kava in my hands on Monday with a personal note on the receipt no less."

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  • "It is quick (as in minutes), effective, portable, easy to clean - you name it. I have taken this thing with me to Ghana, Madagascar, Rwanda, and South Africa. It always does the trick. Kavafied continues to innovate with a cutting-edge online presence"

    The Kavasseur
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  • "Truly the best way to enjoy on-the-go Kava. Easy to use and produces a great drink. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to make every day kava."

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