Kava Root Powder - Kava TONGA

Limited 2018 Harvest 'Eua, Tonga Founder's Reserve

Available once a year after our annual harvest. Our Kava Tonga comes directly from our family village of Ha'atu'a, 'Eua and is one of the rarest Kavas you'll come by. The Kava from 'Eua are some of the most sought after Kava in Polynesia.  With such limited space on the island (only 11 miles long and 4 miles wide), the Kava of 'Eua brings value to some that money can't buy.  
With that being said, we are very fortunate to come from this tropical Kava paradise and to be able to offer you the roots of our land.  'Eua Kava powder is known to be silky smooth while providing a great sense of euphoria.

Characteristics: Strong/Euphoric
Kava Tonga is the most ideal Kava for social settings.  Its uplifting and anxiety reducing effects make it the perfect choice for Kava gatherings.*
Types: Basal Chips/Lateral Roots

The Basal Roots are the main portion of the root closest to the stem. The Lateral Roots are the thinner roots that extend out beyond the canopy line of the Kava plant. The lateral roots are higher in Kavalactones.

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