Giving back through Kava - October 18 - 2017

October 18, 2017

Giving back through Kava - October 18 - 2017

Kava farming is expensive, labor intensive and very risky.  A lot can happen during the 4 years it takes to grow mature Kava roots.  A big reason we are willing to take the risk of farming Kava in Tonga is that it is our way of giving back to the village that raised us.  Creating jobs and opportunity around Kava for those of us who remain on the islands and those that have left in search of better opportunity is the long term goal we hope to sustain.  A bigger Kava industry will create more jobs across the pacific and lessen the burden of families overseas struggling to send back the little money they can spare.  Together we will create a system that will give everyone in the Kava cycle an opportunity to prosper from. 
It will be a few years before our Kava farms are self sufficient.  Until then, a portion of every order from us is sent back to our family to help them farm more Kava.  We are very grateful to our loyal customers who enable us to take on this Kava farming initiative.  Securing more Kava for the future so we can all continue to live a kavafied lifestyle. 

kava root plant

kava farm

Above: It will be another 3-4 years before the roots of these Kava plants will be ready for harvest. 


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