The Vision of the AluBall

April 23, 2015

By Matthew Masifilo

The AluBall™ was not invented to replace traditional straining methods but rather complement it.  When drinking Kava with a large group of people where a Kava Bowl or large bucket is used and gallons upon gallons of Kava are consumed throughout the gathering, traditional strainers are ideal because you can make more in a shorter amount of time.  The AluBall™ is tailored to the user that wants a few cups of Kava on his/her own or with a few people.   Its is also a vessel used to invite new users to purchase Kava from vendors and feel confident about making Kava on their own.

Through our research we found that the barrier to entry of becoming a regular Kava consumer was too high with traditional brewing methods and available instant products.  The learning curve of traditional straining methods is high enough to deter the casual user.  Instant Kava is great but costly and also limited to only a few strains and flavors.  The AluBall™ is easy to use and will give the user freedom to tailor Kava to their liking.  With these things in mind, it is our theory that the AluBall™ will help increase the sales of Kava across the globe, benefitting everyone in the Kava industry; from Kava farmers like my relatives in Tonga to online vendors and Kava bars across the US.  This is our vision and we are determined to make it a reality.

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