Kava sayings

Best 100+ Kava Root Drink Sayings

A collection of our best Kava root sayings. What are your favorite Kava sayings? 

  1. Make kava not war
  2. Keep calm and drink kava
  3. You can't buy happiness but you can buy kava and that's kind of the same thing
  4. It's always kava time
  5. A shell of kava makes everything better
  6. Start your day with coffee, end it with kava
  7. A bowl of kava shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent 
  8. Where there is kava, there is love
  9. but first, kava
  10. turn down for kava
  11. May your kava be strong and your Friday short
  12. Kava doesn't ask me questions, kava understands
  13. Got the kava feeling strong on a Tuesday
  14. A good idea will keep you awake during the morning, but a great idea will keep you awake during the night.
  15. Have a shell of kava and chill out
  16. Kava drinkers make better lovers
  17. Bula it's thirsty Thursday
  18. I used to think too much kava was bad for me, so I stopped thinking
  19. I didn't choose the kava life, it chose me 
  20. I only need kava on days ending in "Y"
  21. I survive Monday with Kava
  22. Work...nothing a cup of kava can't fix
  23. Coffee keeps me going until it's time for kava
  24. It doesn't matter if the cup os half empty of half full...there is clearly more room for kava
  25. Every empty bowl is filled with stories
  26. Today's forecast: 100% chance of kava
  27. Best friends don't care if you're house is clean. They care if you have kava.
  28. I went a day without kava once. Worst day ever.
  29. I drink coffee because I need it. I drink kava becasue I deserve it
  30. When in doubt drink kava
  31. Dear kava, I love you.  That is all.
  32. The only thing I ever throwback on Thursdays are shells.
  33. Kava is life
  34. Kava tastes better on Fridays
  35. Beware. Kava Zone. Watch for friendly behavior.
  36. Happiness is kava on a Friday night
  37. You'll be fine, drink good kava
  38. Kava. (n.) a hug in a cup
  39. Step aside Monday...this is a job for kava
  40. A cup of kava is a cup of peace
  41. Make time for kava
  42. Kava is liquid wisdom 
  43. If you can't say anything nice, you obviously haven't had you kava yet
  44. Friends don't let friends drink kava alone.
  45. Sometimes I write "drink kava" on my to-do list, just so I feel like I've accomplished something.
  46. You know what rhymes with Friday? Kava.
  47. I don't sweat, I kava.
  48. A bowl of kava for the Sunday night blues
  49. Nokavaphobia...the fear of running out of kava
  50. I didn't text you, Kava did
  51. Kava doesn't have many vitamins - that's why you have to drink a lot of it
  52. Shh...yep, I hear a bowl of kava calling me
  53. There is a time and place for kava. In my hands and now.
  54. Kava is the answer. What was the question?
  55. My only plan tonight is kava
  56. It's a lot easier to start the day when you know it will end with kava.
  57. Anything is possible when you are drinking kava.
  58. "To Kava or not to Kava?" That is never the question 
  59. I just rescued some kava, it was trapped in a bag
  60. This kava tastes like I'll be texting you later.
  61. This job reminds me that I need a cup of kava
  62. I followed my heart and it led me to kava
  63. There is no life without water because water is needed to make kava
  64. The first thing on my bucket list is to fill the bucket with kava
  65. Lets workout really hard, then rehydrate with kava!
  66. kavalicious
  67. Netflix and kava and naps
  68. If Monday had a face, I would serve it kava.
  69. Never take advice from me. You'll only end up drinking kava.
  70. I decided to have a bowl of kava to celebrate the facts that I have some kava
  71. I make kava disappear. What's your superpower?
  72. Always keep a bucket of kava in the fridge for special occasions. You know, like Wednesday. 
  73. My life is 50% wondering if it's too late to drink coffee and 50% wondering if it's too early to drink kava.
  74. The answer may not be at the bottom of a bowl of kava, but you should at least check
  75. Age and shells of kava should never be counted
  76. I would exercise but, its makes me spill my kava.
  77. I'm never drinking again...ohh look kava!
  78. Sometimes kava is just necessary 
  79. Smile, there's kava!
  80. I'm on a kava diet.  Exercising is optional
  81. Oh no! I bought kava instead of milk...again.
  82. Kava: Because Monday happens every week!
  83. 86% of Kava drinkers do not trust others who do not drink kava.
  84. It's funny how 8 cups of water a day seems impossible, but 8 cups of kava can be done in one sitting. 
  85. If you walk a mile in my shoes, you'll end up sitting down drinking kava
  86. Of course size matters. No one wants a small bowl of kava
  87. Soup of the day: Kava
  88. On Sundays, my kava is recreational as opposed to weekdays when it is medicinal
  89. Quitter make excuses. Winners make kava.
  90. Kava...the reason I wake up every afternoon 
  91. This weekend, I've decided to do a juice cleanse. And by juice , I mean kava.
  92. Education is important but kava is importanter
  93. The best time to plant kava was four years ago.  The second best time is now. 
  94. Money doesn't buy happiness unless you spend it on kava.
  95. I'm not addicted to kava, I'm committed
  96. Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring kava.
  97. You can't mix all day...if you don't start in the morning
  98. This kava tastes a lot like I'm not going into work tomorrow
  99. A frown is a silent notion for kava
  100. Somebody left a grocery list in this cart that said "Kava and shit to eat with kava" so I'm pretty sure my soulmate is out there.
  101. If she drinks kava, she's a keeper. 
  102. If you drink enough kava it tastes like love
  103. Eat well kava often 
  104. People who say you're hard to shop for, maybe don't know where to buy kava
  105. Dear cupid, forget love, just send kava!
  106. Our house has an open door policy. Bring kava, and we'll open the door.
  107. If kava isn't the answer your question sucks
  108. My boss told me to have a good day..so I went home to drink kava
  109. Always buy more kava than you think you need. Better safe than stressed.
  110. There is only one thing better than a shell of kava. A bowl. 

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  • if i had a dime, for half the things i did, that didn’t make no sense at all i’d add em all up and go buy kava and then quit doing stupid shit all the time lol

  • I used to drink a lot of kava…i still do, but i used to too.

  • When life gives you lemons, give them to somebody else and then go make some kava.


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