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The Kava Farming Manifest Destiny: Empowering Pasifika Communities Through Global Expansion

In an increasingly interconnected world, cultures often transcend geographical boundaries, finding new homes far from their places of origin. This holds true for Pasifika people, including native Hawaiians, whose population outside of their native lands has surpassed those residing in Hawaii itself, as indicated by the 2020 census. As Pasifika communities strive to preserve their cultural heritage, one solution emerges: the expansion of kava farming across the globe. This concept, reminiscent of the historical notion of manifest destiny, embodies exploration, growth, and the pursuit of a flourishing future.

Manifest Destiny: A Historical Perspective:

Manifest destiny, a belief prevalent in the 19th century, centered around the idea that the United States was destined to expand across the North American continent. This concept served as justification for westward expansion, driven by the pursuit of new opportunities, resources, and a perceived duty to spread American values. While seemingly unrelated, the essence of manifest destiny can be reimagined to advocate for the global proliferation of kava farming, symbolizing the empowerment of Pasifika communities worldwide.

Kava: A Cultural Emblem of Pasifika Peoples:

Kava, renowned for its calming and euphoric effects, holds profound cultural significance for Pasifika people, including native Hawaiians. Traditionally consumed during social gatherings and ceremonies, kava fosters unity, promotes harmony, and strengthens connections to ancestral roots. However, with a growing Pasifika diaspora living outside of their native lands, accessing and participating in this cultural practice becomes increasingly challenging.

Expanding Kava Farming: A Path to Cultural Preservation:

Expanding kava farming beyond the borders of Pacific Islands can serve as a powerful tool for cultural preservation among Pasifika communities. By establishing kava farms in diverse regions, Pasifika people can ensure a sustainable supply of this sacred plant while simultaneously creating opportunities for cultural exchange and economic empowerment. This expansion echoes the spirit of manifest destiny and propels the vision of a globally united Pasifika community.

Benefits of Global Kava Expansion:

1. Cultural Resilience: Cultivating kava in various parts of the world ensures the preservation of Pasifika cultural traditions, safeguarding them for future generations.
2. Economic Empowerment: The establishment of kava farms generates employment opportunities for Pasifika communities, fostering economic growth and self-sustainability.
3. Cross-Cultural Exchange: Kava farming facilitates intercultural dialogue, allowing diverse communities to learn from and appreciate the rich heritage of Pasifika peoples.
4. Environmental Stewardship: Expanding kava farming encourages sustainable agricultural practices, fostering a deeper understanding of ecological balance and conservation.

As Pasifika communities, including native Hawaiians, increasingly reside outside their ancestral lands, the imperative to preserve their cultural heritage grows stronger. The expansion of kava farming worldwide embodies a modern-day manifestation of the historical concept of manifest destiny. By embracing this notion, Pasifika peoples can strengthen their cultural bonds, promote cross-cultural understanding, and create a prosperous future for themselves and their global community. Together, let us embark on the kava farming manifest destiny, cultivating unity, empowerment, and the preservation of Pasifika traditions across the globe.
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  • “Manifest Destiny”? Might as well just outright say “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”.

    Big time NOPE.

    Iosua Ioane Fānene
  • This is a farce. Do you know the history of “native Hawaiians” and the Kanaka Maoli people? If so, you wouldn’t be misappropriating Hawaiians or Kava for neocolonialism and global capitalism. Shame on you all putting out this garbage propaganda

    NO Kapaole
  • Is it wise to compare the spread of kava in the US because of further expanding Oceanian diaspora to Manifest Destiny? Manifest Destiny was not just a prevalent idea, it was a justification for the atrocities committed by settlers and colonizers as they tamed the West and spread “civilization”. The result is the destruction of native societies and their removal from ancestral lands to reservations, and a stepping point to further expansion Eastward to Hawai’i. Manifest destiny was just one justification used to overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom that caused a whole slew of the negative consequences we see today that included demonizing of ‘awa drinking. I understand what you’re trying to get at putting a positive spin on this, justifying it with notions of cultural exchange, empowerment, resilience, etc. but the comparison with manifest destiny is abhorrent. Its roots are literally planted in the Doctrine of Discovery to which even the Pope has apologized for. I think you could find some other example or metaphorical comparison to use, but of course that’s my opinion.

    'Ulise Funaki

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