The Perfect Kava Chaser - KavaKava Candy

March 16, 2017

The Perfect Kava Chaser - KavaKava Candy


Drinking Kava root beverages is a taste we learn to tolerate more than enjoy.  Traditionally a shell of Kava is followed by biting into a stick of sugarcane to help counter Kava root's biter, earthy, and peppery taste.  

Today we cope with the taste of Kava by chasing our shells with various fruits or drinking Kava mock-tails instead of a traditional shell.  The only problem with this if you are someone who really can't tolerate the taste of Kava is that you have to drink more than a few shells of Kava to enjoy the full spectrum of it's benefits. 

What if there was a way to both counter the taste of the earthy shell of Kava you just had and make it more potent at the same time?

Our friends at HawaiiVibeo have done just that with their patented KavaKava candy available in Orange and Ginger mint flavors.  Each KavaKava candy tablet packs a punch giving you more Kava enjoyment with less effort in drinking it. Geniuses right?

Check them out at HawaiiVibeo and learn more about this awesome new Kava product!

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