How much Kava root does the AluBall® hold?  

2-3 Tbsp.

What root to Water ratio should I use with the AluBall®?  

2-3 Cups water to 1 Tbsp. of Kava root is a good starting point.  The less water you use with more root, the stronger your cup of Kava will be.  Note: Using minimal amounts of water in the shaker bottle with the AluBall® can cause the bottle to crack.

Can I make multiple cups of Kava with the same Kava root in the AluBall®?

Yes, going through the AluBall® process a second or third time is recommended to get the most out of you Kava root.

Can I make Kava using liquids other than water?

Yes, the AluBall® allows you to shake up a batch of Kava mess free using any of your favorite drinks.

How long should I shake the AluBall® in a shaker bottle to make Kava?

We believe 30 seconds is enough to get a decent cup of Kava made but feel free to shake it longer to your liking.

What is the expected lifetime of the AluBall®?

You can expect to get 2-3 months of consistent daily use before needing a replacement ball.  Less if you shake the ball for longer than a 30 seconds with each use.  A lot of force gets generated on the screen so eventually fatigue sets in.

Whats the Micron rating of the mesh used in the AluBall®?

The AluBall uses a Stainless Steel mesh with about a 75 Micron rating.

Can I make Kava without the AluBall®?

Yes, Kava has been made for ages by kneading the root in water using a fine muslin bag.  Check out our Kava strainer Bags.

Do we wholesale the AluBall® and Kava?

Yes, if you are interested in retailing our products please email info@pacificislandkava.com or contact us here.

Where did the name AluBall come from?

Derived from the Tongan word "Alu" meaning "to go"



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