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24th October, 2015



Tampa Bay, Florida


Kava is a centuries old Polynesian drink with relaxing properties that is made from the root of a Kava plant. It has become trendy in urban cores such as New York City as Kava Bars and Cafes continue to open its doors all over the country.

The AluBall™ will be the first and only product to market that is specifically tailored for making Kava. As Kavafied’s CEO and inventor of the AluBall™, Matt Masifilo, explained, “ The AluBall™ will open the Kava industry to a broader market of users by making the drink more accessible.”

Traditionally, Kava is made by adding ground Kava root to a strainer bag and kneading it in water. The kneading is necessary because the Kavalactones (active compounds of the root) are not water-soluble and must be forced out of the root.

With the patent pending AluBall™ and method of making Kava, Kavalactones are forced from the root in a quick and easy process. When the AluBall™ is shaken in a bottle, water flows through it in rapid succession, applying force to the Kava roots as they repeatedly crash into the strainer. This forces the Kavalactones from the root into the water while containing the root remnants in the AluBall™

The AluBall™ was not invented to replace traditional straining methods but rather compliment it. The AluBall™ is tailored to the user that wants a few cups of Kava and doesn’t have the time to make it traditionally. It is also a product that will invite new users to purchase Kava roots from vendors and feel confident about making Kava on their own.

Through need-based findings, Kavafied LLC found that the barrier to entry of becoming a regular Kava consumer was too high with traditional brewing methods and available instant products. The AluBall™ is easy to use and will give the user freedom to tailor Kava to their liking.  

Matt Masifilo, Kavafied’s founder added, “You wouldn’t buy coffee beans at a coffee shop unless you had an efficient coffee maker. Likewise, The AluBall™ gives you reason to buy Kava roots at a Kava bar.”

It is Kavafied’s belief that the AluBall™ will help increase the sales of Kava across the globe, benefitting everyone in the Kava industry; from Kava farmers like our founders relatives in Tonga to online vendors and Kava bars across the world.

SRP: $20.00

Launch Date: November 2015

Retailors: Online

To learn more about Kavafied and see how the AluBall™ will make Kava making simple and easy, please visit



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