AluBall Kava Maker


Breakthrough kava making technology.

Patented AluBall brews the perfect shell of kava in less than 60 seconds.

10x faster than traditional brewing methods.

Making Kava is now as simple as making a protein shake

Other uses include:

Cold Brewing Coffee
Cold Brewing Tea
Flavoring Water


x1 AluBall Bottle (700 ml)

x1 AluBall Kava Maker Ball

For best performance, change AluBall Kava Maker ball every 2-3 months

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    Designed By Kava Drinkers for kava drinkers

    Make your World a stress-free one with Kava always by your side.  From work to play, drinking Kava on the go is easy with the AluBall Kava Maker.