cyclone gita

Cyclone Gita Aftermath - February 16 - 2018

On February 12, 2018, the Kingdom of Tonga was devastated by cyclone Gita.  It was the closest cyclone to hit Tonga in the last 60 years. Sustained winds of over 140 mph we're measured at Gita's peak while it took an almost direct path through our village and Kava farm. 

After a few days of having zero contact from our village, Ha'atua (Kolomaile), 'Eua, we finally got word that everyone made it through the storm safely.  The majority of the damage sustained from the CAT 4 cyclone were roofs lost.  This in part to 'Eua being a small mountainous island and elevated enough to avoid any storm surge. 

Kava Nursery
 (Above:)  Our Kava nursery was completely destroyed by cyclone Gita.

cyclone gita(Above:)  Some of the older homes in the village we're destroyed by cyclone Gita. 

Eua Tonga(Above:)  Farmland damage was limited to fallen coconut and banana trees

Kava farm (Above:) Most of our Kava plants survived cyclone Gita.  The intercropped Taro plants acted as a natural wind barrier to our young Kava fields. 


Pacific Disaster Fund

While our family and village made it through cyclone Gita relatively well.  Other villages and families suffered significant loss.  To learn more about how you can help the rebuilding effort through the REDCROSS click on the link below:


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