Kava growth and closeups - November 7 -2017

November 07, 2017

Kava growth and closeups - November 7 -2017

The Kavafied family Kava farm continues to grow by the day, including our young family Kava helpers.  'Eua, Tonga Kava is famous for it's unique silky smooth taste and euphoric like properties.  We get the same sense of happiness by just seeing the progress that is being made on our young Kava farm.  Creating jobs and opportunity around Kava in the village our family comes from gives us a great sense of purpose as a company.  We hope to one day apply a similar model in villages all across the South Pacific.

Kava Plant


Kava Tonga

Kava Root

Kava Farm

Above:  Updated scenes from our Kava nursery

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