Transplanting Kava - November 15 - 2017

November 15, 2017

Transplanting Kava - November 15 - 2017

The time has come to transplant our young Kava plants from the nursery.  The field has been plowed and fenced in to protect the Kava from pigs, dogs, and thieves.  Our baby Kava plants that have been tenderly cared for in our nursery since March are ready to flourish out in the open South Pacific sun.

Kava plant

Kava farm

This lot will serve the expansion of our nursery by providing thousands of Kava cuttings so that more plants can be cultivated.  Kava is sterile and cuttings must be propagated by farmers to reproduce.  As part of our sustainable Kava farming initiative, we must first have access to enough cuttings if we want to stay true to our vow to cultivate a Kava plant for every AluBottle purchased.

Buy One Plant One

Above: We hope to soon expand our Kava sustainability program to other farming villages across the Pacific 

 kava root

Thanks to the support of our ever growing AluBallin Kava community, our initial lot in 'Eua, Tonga has been transplanted with close to 1,000 Kava plants.  To celebrate the planting, mother nature blessed our young Kava plant's new home with some rain.


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