AluBall Cold Brew Coffee Maker

How to make cold brew coffee in your shaker bottle

Are you looking for a coffee that naturally tastes better, stronger, and less acidic than the current cup of coffee you are drinking? 

Cold brew coffee is the perfect answer for you.  By brewing coffee longer with cold water compared to the traditional quick hot pour, the undesirable bitter flavor of hot coffee never gets released into your beverage. This brewing process results in a tastier and less acidic drink that we know as cold brew coffee.

Many coffee drinkers around the world are discovering cold brew coffee for the first time as more and more cafes begin to serve the popular slow brewed beverage.

Whether you are already a fan of cold brew or are interested in trying it, the next question you may have is how can I make this at home or at the office?  The process is really simple.  You add your desired ratio of room temperature water and coarsely ground coffee to a container and let it slow brew over night.  Once ready, you pour your cold brew through a strainer to make a refined and smooth coffee beverage. 

While cold brewing coffee is easy, it is not always convenient to do and the straining process can get pretty messy.  Our patented brewing AluBall® tackles the tedious issues of cold brewing coffee by making the process simple and convenient.  This means no extra straining and no messy clean up.  Simply fill the patented brewing AluBall® with ground coffee, twist to secure shut, shake in a jar of water to kickstart the process, and let sit in your fridge overnight.  After a restful night of sleep you'll be waking up to the perfect single serving of cold brew coffee to start your day.  With the unwanted ground coffee beans secured in the AluBall® you can enjoy your cold brew with the AluBall® still in your brewing bottle.  Clean up is a breeze too, just twist open the AluBall® when you are done enjoying your perfect serving of cold brew and discard the coffee bean remnants. 

The AluBall® also fits in most bottles and jars, including those protein shaker bottles you may have laying around the house.  It's versatility means you'll always have the option to make the perfect fresh serving of cold brew anywhere.


Make cold brew coffee a part of your routine today by getting our patented  AluBall®  brewing ball here and following our simple instructions below.

How to make cold brew coffee


  1. Add 8oz of cold filtered water to jar (Adjust amount of water used to your preference)
  2. Add 2 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee beans to AluBall®
  3. Shake
  4. Brew for 8-10 hours
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