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Sustainable Kava Farming For A Kavafied Future

Our mission at Kavafied from day one has always been to share Kava with the world one shell at a time.  Since the launch of our revolutionary AluBall® Kava maker, drinking traditional Kava beverages have become more accessible and routine to thousands of users across the globe.  The popularity of modern day Kava culture continues to gain traction as more and more communities begin to integrate Kava into their lifestyle. 

As the global demand for Kava continues to rise, the biggest threat to the industry and Kava culture as a whole remains the dwindling supply of mature Kava roots.  Kava plants must grow upwards of 4 years before it’s roots are worthy of being harvested.  An extremely long growth period combined with the constant threat of natural disaster and theft puts the future of the growing Kava industry into serious question.

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Buy One Plant One Kava Sustainability Program

To simply say, "just plant more Kava," is a lot easier said than done.  Kava is a picky plant that only grows well on the rich volcanic soils of the tropical Pacific islands.  Many farmers with land ideal for growing Kava would much rather focus on other faster yielding crops as there are a lot less risks involved when you can harvest more frequently.  To make matters more complicated, many farmers are still skeptical on whether the recent surge in demand for Kava is here to stay.  Not to blame them as this is not the first Kava resurgence the Kava industry has seen in the last century.  Who wouldn't fear the possibility of having no market to sell too after investing years of work into your Kava farm?

As a symbol to our commitment to the sustainable future of the Kava industry, we choose to lead by example and farm Kava ourselves in hopes that more will follow suit.  To make our sustainable farming mission possible, a portion of every AluBottle purchased will go towards ensuring a Kava plant is cultivated on our farm. 

With your help, and in collaboration with other island villages, we hope to soon implement our buy one plant one Kava program on a wider scale by helping others offset the startup costs of Kava farming.  Driven by Kava drinkers around the world, our buy one plant one Kava program will help and encourage the planting of more Kava so that we can all continue to live and share a Kavafied lifestyle. 

See how far your AluBottle purchase goes today by following of Kava Farm Blog.

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