Kava Tonga - The Story Behind Our Founder's Reserve

Kava, a cultivated crop, has written in its roots the story of Polynesia.  Where one voyaged, Kava went a long with.  Kava simply wouldn't exist outside of Vanuatu if our ancestors didn't take it with them when they migrated to the likes of Fiji, Tonga, and beyond.

The story of our family's special Kava Tonga begins over 150 years ago when a Peruvian slave trader raided our family's ancient island home of 'Ata.  After the attack only a few people remained on the island.  The news of this tragic event quickly got to King Tupou I and he decided that it would be best to move the survivors on 'Ata fearing future raids.  With the help of the King our family survivors relocated to the village of Ha'atua (Kolomaile), 'Eua.

Over the next century our family would primarily live on 'Eua, farming the land and cultivating the Kava that once traveled with them.  Eventually a lot would move to seek better opportunity and like our 'Atan ancestors, the Kava from our land was always travelled with.  We keep this tradition alive today with our Kava Tonga Founder's Reserve that continues to be farmed by the few family members who remain in our village.


Kava Tonga Founder's Reserve is a very special Kava that will only be available on a limited basis.  Our family spends months hand selecting the finest mature (5+ years old) Kava plants that our village has to offer.  The limited batch of Kava is then harvested and sent to us here in the US for processing and testing.  This ensure's that you are getting the highest quality of pure Tongan Kava.

Tongan Kava

As part of our mission to help the sustainability of the Kava industry, we are proud to be able to put all the profits from our limited Founder's Reserve back into our families village in 'Eua, Tonga.  These efforts will help build up our village so that more Kava can be sustainably farmed to meet the ever growing demand for Tongan Kava. 




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