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The Top 5 US Cities Every Kava Lover Should Visit

     Drinking Kava has been around for thousands of years in the South Pacific.  It is a sacred communal beverage that many island cultures are centered around.  The practice of drinking Kava is nothing new to the US either with it being brewed and consumed regularly within Pacific Island communities over the course of the last century among other Kava enthusiasts.
     Over the last decade, we have seen the consumption of Kava evolve in the US to what we refer to as the rise of the American Kava Bar.  A domino effect of Kava bars opening their doors has begun as more and more people appeal to the idea of an alcohol-free social scene; A void in our communities that Kava Bars fill perfectly.  "Entrepreneurs are flocking at the opportunity to be the first to bring the Kava bar concept to their city" says Matt Masifilo, inventor of the AluBall Kava Maker.
     While it may be some time before a Kava bar can be found near everyone, here are the Top 5 (Continental) US cities with an emerging Kava bar scene that every Kava lover should visit.  
     P.S. Don't forget to pack your AluBall Kava Maker for your on the go Kava needs when visiting these amazing cities! 
South Florida Kava
5. South Florida
It's only right that first up on the list is where the American Kava Bar scene all began back in 2002 at The Nakamal in Boca Raton.  Before the national Kava craze started a few years ago you could find more American Kava Bars along this coastal stretch from Miami to West Palm Beach than the rest of the US combined.  You won't have to worry about your Kava shell going empty here when you plan your next vacation to South Florida.
Brooklyn Kava
4. Brooklyn, New York
Kava is the perfect answer for those who are seeking a relaxing escape from a city that never sleeps.  Although relatively new to the scene, the Kava community here are doing big things for the industry by generating a major buzz through mega media outlets.  Check out Brooklyn Kava and House of Kava the next time you are in town and want to share a few shells with an awesome group of people. 
San Francisco Kava Bar
3. San Francisco Bay Area
With one of the most densely populated Polynesian communities in the US located here, it is kind of surprising that the modern American Kava Bar never really took off in the San Francisco Bay area until a few short years ago.  If you are touring the east bay you can check out Melo Melo Kava Bar for a soothing Kava environment.  Stroll on down Divisadero St. and you will find SF Kava Lounge.  Conveniently located right next to the San Francisco International Airport is Kava Bar San Bruno.  They offer a more authentic Kava experience with dried Kava roots freshly pounded in shop.  The perfect stop for your next layover at SFO. 
Austin Texas
2. Austin, TX
Kava exploded onto the Texas scene a few years ago when Square rut opened their doors in the city of Austin.  Who would have thought this traditional brown drink from thousands of miles away would fit right into the unique culture of Austin, Texas and become a part of what makes Austin so Austin.  You won't have trouble finding Kava in this city with Kava Food Trucks driving around like Kava Chameleon  and ice cold bottles of Kava lemonade on shelves across the city.
St Petersburg
1. St. Petersburg, FL
South Florida may be the birth place of the American Kava Bar scene but St. Petersburg takes the crown for the top US city every Kava lover should visit.  Besides being minutes from the beach (and an always Sunny 85 degrees outside), the Kava Bar scene in St. Petersburg, FL has adopted the true communal culture of Kava like no other.  The Sunshine City of St. Pete is home to over eight Kava bars and counting.  Together they combine to create a large Kava community that has the same welcoming island spirit you would find in the South Pacific.  An absolute must visit city for every Kava lover in the US.
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  • Don’t forget to visit the Remix Audio Bar in Santa Fe NM to try our Kava !

  • If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and head east to Reno, there’s a new chill kava and elxiir bar, SOL kava. Definatly one to add to the kava map.

    Kristen Jaskulski

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