What makes Kava from 'Eua, Tonga so unique?

February 03, 2017

What makes Kava from 'Eua, Tonga so unique?

'Eua Kava is as unique as the island it is grown on.  

The Kava from 'Eua are some of the most sought after Kava in Polynesia.  The geography of 'Eua is what makes the island and it's Kava different from any other.  'Eua is one of the tallest islands in the Kingdom of Tonga (over 300m) and one of the oldest in the South Pacific (some estimate over 40 million years old).  'Eua has had millions of years to develop its rainforest and fertilize its soil with ash from nearby  volcanic eruptions as the island itself is not volcanic but the result of tectonic plates rubbing together.
This makes 'Eua one of the most ideal locations on earth for growing Kava.  With such limited space on the island (only 11 miles long and 4 miles wide), the Kava of 'Eua brings value to some that money can't buy. 


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