How to clean kava washing machine

How to clean your kava washing machine after making kava

Our kava washing machines are a revolutionary way to automate the tedious kava making process. Making kava involves mixing kava root powder and water together in a strainer bag and kneading (washing) out as much kavalactones are you physically can. The mixture is then sieved to the consistency of your liking. Using a kava wash extraction machine for mixing kava enhances the cleanliness, consistency, and efficiency of making gallons upon gallons of kava (A typical daily chore for the youth in a Polynesian/Melanesian community).

Kava powder is organic root matter that can quickly rot and mold if it’s left wet in a kava washing machine. Small traces of kava root powder stuck wet inside a washing machine can harbor all kinds of microbes and bacteria. Removing all traces of remaining kava root in the machine after making a batch is critical to maintaining cleanliness and preventing contamination of your next batch of kava. To achieve a thorough cleaning, the machine requires more than just rinsing it out and letting it dry.

When Should You Clean Your Kava Wash Machine?

Kava washing machines should be cleaned inside and out after every day of making kava. Don't worry about cleaning your machine between batches throughout the same day or evening if you are making a lot of kava. However, at the end of every day of use your kava machine should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

What You Need To Clean Your Kava Wash Machine

  • Dish Soap
  • Room Temperature Water from a hose or sink sprayer
  • Sponge
  • 24" or longer Pipe Cleaning Brush
  • Star Screw Driver

Kava Washing Machine Cleaning Instructions

  1. Rinse the inside of the washer and underneath the lid with a hose or sprayer of clean water. Be sure to target any areas under hard to reach places where kava root particles could be trapped.
  2. With a soapy sponge, scrub the inside of washer throughly. 
  3. Run a half to full cycle of room temperature water and dish soap. Drain when completed and rinse out with clean water thoroughly. 
  4. Run a half to full cycle of clean room temperature water only and then drain.
  5. Unplug Kava Washer and then remove the kava washing agitator plate with star screwdriver.  Rinse and hand wash both sides of plate.
  6. Clean drain hose with pipe cleaning brush.  
  7. Rinse out wash machine with clean water and drain. Lightly dry with a clean towel and remaining water in washer. 
  8. Leave drain hose in down position into a catch bucket to allow hose to fully dry. Leave lid open until washer is fully dry and ready for storage. 
  9. Store Kava Washer in a dry place.

For extra thorough cleaning, unplug kava washer and remove control panel with screw driver. Clean out any trapped or wet residue that remains inside.



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