How much kava costs

How Much You'll Actually Save by Making Your Own Kava

Enjoy kava without stressing your wallet

As the consumption of kava beverages becomes increasingly widespread outside the Pacific Islands, so has the appearance of kava bars. The strength, quality, and freshness of kava beverages can vary widely at kava bars. And more than anything, these kava bars can be expensive.

At a kava bar, one 8oz serving of kava can be upwards of $5—and that is likely on the lower end. For the daily kava drinker who consumes an average of 3 servings a day, that can easily lead to a monthly kava expense of over $400 and cost you over $5,000 annually!

The World’s First Consumer Kava Maker

Like most things, kava is far cheaper and possibly even more convenient to make at home or on the go with the AluBall Kava Maker (below).

 AluBall Kava Maker

Traditionally, kava beverages are prepared by pouring ground kava root into a strainer bag and kneading it in a bowl of water. Alternatively and outside the Pacific Islands, it could be prepared by blending kava powder and water/nut milk in a blender and then straining. The kneading/blending is necessary in order to extract the active ingredients, Kavalactones, off the root and suspend it in your beverage. 

While more traditional ways of preparing kava beverages might appear intimidating or time-consuming, the patented AluBall kava maker is quick, convenient, and user-friendly; almost as easy as making a protein shake. One simply has to place 1-2 tablespoons of ground kava root powder into the AluBall, place it into a shaker bottle with 8-12oz of room temperature water or chosen nut milk, and then shake it for 60 seconds. With the AluBall Pro Kava Maker, you can even enjoy your kava beverage in a modern interpretation of a kava bowl with the patented AluShell cap.

AluBall Pro Kava Maker


Making kava with the AluBall will run you about $1.00 per 8oz serving depending on the variety of kava powder and amount of root used. This is a sharp contrast to the $5 serving of kava you pay for at a café—and that may not necessarily be made to order.

Exactly how much money can I save with the AluBall Kava Maker?

How much money making your own kava saves

For a daily kava drinker, the cost of making your own kava beverage can be as little as $35/month versus $250/month tab if you frequent a kava bar. That's over $2,000 in savings a year by making your own kava. With all of those savings you could buy a ticket to the South Pacific Islands and experience fresh kava in its traditional place. 

The AluBall allows the user to enjoy the closest experience possible to a traditionally prepared kava beverage whenever they want without the expense and inconvenience of going to a kava bar. The AluBall can also easily be used to prepare beverages beyond kava including teas and cold brew coffees. With this versatility, the savings can endlessly continue! 

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  • Hi Matthew. I’m so glad I found a company with roots in traditional kava culture and wisdom. I look forward to reading your posts on decolonization and sustainability of the kava trade.

    I am new to kava and I am curious if it’s advisable to drink the product mixed into hot water with straining or kneading?

    Also, for a newcomer, what’s a good amount to start with? 1 tsp?

    K Cronin

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